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Here's the story: It's not all that interesting to people outside the family.   In fact, as our family stories go, it's not all that interesting to people inside the family.  But here goes...when Angie was a small child, knee-high or so, she taught herself a new skill.   No one else knew how to achieve this new skill, and she would perform it for all.   It began with her standing in one spot, swinging her arms and chanting "Hotch-A-Do, Hotch-A-Do, Hotch-A-Do". It ended with a world-changing...SOMMERSAULT!   Followed by compulsory applause from onlookers.   So that's the story.   Like we said, not too interesting, but her message was real.

  It meant...

  "Get ready, I'm going to do something BIG!"

In the earliest Chinese ideography was used with the probable meaning return or homecoming.
The Hopi Indians seem to have given it the same meaning.
In the system of hobo signs in Britain it means this is a good house for work, i.e. a place that is worth returning to when one needs food and money.
The sign is found painted on the walls of houses in Tibet and has perhaps the meaning home, the place one returns to.

Therefore, at Hotch-A-Do, we invite you into our home to eat, drink, relax, and be a part of our family during your stay. Everyone is welcome!